Gumball Poetry Contest

UPDATE: Congratulations to winner Julie E. Bloemeke! You can now find Julie’s poem in a gumball machine at the Emory Bookstore. Look for it at future Poetry Council events!


Want to see your Poetry on the Move?

Winning poem will be published in a limited edition  Magnetic Poetry® form available exclusively on Emory University’s Campus. The poems will be distributed in capsules via a gumball machine, which will make appearances on various places on campus, and at all Poetry Council events.




~ 73 WORD, original poems only. If you want your title to be magnetic too it counts towards the 73 words.

~Keep in mind that the poem will be broken up into individual words. A paper insert will be included with the magnet featuring the Poetry Council’s information, the winning author’s name, and poem title.

~In entering the author gives the Poetry Council first publication rights, and then copyright reverts to the author.

~Unpublished or published poems are accepted, granted you retain the rights to your work.

~No entry fee. Unlimited entries.

~ Must be received by 5 PM EST, April 20th, 2012.

~ Email entries with the subject “GUMBALL POETRY CONTEST” in an attached .doc, .docx, or pdf  to:

~Judged by the Poetry Council.

~Compensation in the form of ten magnets.