Exquisite Corpse

Below is are Exquisite Corpse poems. They were written during the  Annual Creativity & Arts Soirees  presented by the Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts.

Attendees – from undergraduates to professors – added a line to the end of the poem, but they could only see one line before their own.

Exquisite Corpse 2011

I’m a big fan of dinosaurs.
Big, Scary, and Ferocious
With one eye opened, and one blinded by fear
And different people drawing near,
the shaky hands, mouths toughing ears
My brain tells me I really want to go shopping.
Clothes, shoes, just hanging out, extreme fun!
Summer’s gift: persistence and longevity. Time slows down.
Time slows down when I’m around.
But life rushes by when you enter my mind.
to delight in little aspects; disregard the big picture. To find.
You passion, try new things, delight and in little things, and love old things…to learn
your passion, to new avenues and new alleyways may lead you…to burn
Harbingers of destruction, strolling the avenues of your mind
Line omitted
for the sake of convenience,
the cognitive dissonance in my mind a mere sketch of the promise of certainty;
Greeting friends travel to eternity
to spend time in the unknown; with the ones we will never forget.
This is way deep, I only wish I could write better poetry.
Don’t do that to me; so clichés.
Clichés are water buffalos
That smell like blue berries.



Exquisite Corpse-2010

(From the Third Annual Creativity an Arts Soiree on Friday, September 10, 2010)
I’m trying to rob Robert Frost
it’s like eating string cheese
as sharp and powerful as the wind’s breeze
yet Gentle enough to embrace the delicate feather.
Which is of that of a swallow, in a hollow, under the weather.
How sorrowful that little bird is! So lost, so alone—Here comes the raven who says you’re not alone—
as he walked to Verizon and got a new phone.
He wasn’t eligible for and upgrade though, so
he became upset and yelled at his providers
He got the droid and morphed into freakozoid
then he was challenged to a game of “penis,”
Peace. Love. Death.
An image of an unimage
I am a big boy
more like a chew toy
I like to eat koi
just like when David visited Troy.
Then David went to Hawaii & invented poi:
there a he met a girl and they had a boy
and he died
before he reincarnated into a horse.
He said his last human words:
“I am slain!” and he died
but he came back in vengeance for his pride
GAME OVER Will said by his side.
Then Ben came over on his sweet Ferrari ride
then he woke up, cuz there’s no way in hell he could have a Ferrari ride
with a werwolf—yes, one ‘e,’ look it up—a werwolf like me
a werwolf ruined by an author named Stephanie
Stephanie thinks grilled cheese is nice with lots of spice.
Kang Woo loves boys made of sugar and everything nice
no I do not. Shut up Lu
I speak no Americano. :)
Me either Nox,
59 kids from all over the world met at a crossroad
I miss mommy, daddy, and 김치(kimchi).
The 59 crossroaders became family for life
we fight for each other with strife
and find what we want isn’t there
we learned that sometimes life isn’t fair
life is also a free fall without a parachute
you hit the ground hard at the end
individuality should never be giving in
lost in a sea of turbulent life.
My name is Captain Jay Kim.
And I’ll do anything on a whim.
Just name your price!
Take chances, take risks, just roll the dice.
Eat it like a string of taffy
and smell it like orange sherbet (really)
oh how I wish there were more, more
cookies! Delicious chocolate cookies!
Gooey and melting warm in my mouth
melting warm, like the sap of life
dripping sparse, upon the hollow being
of her moist skin, glistening with desire
she thought she was alone…
but she really wasn’t…….
madness lit within, craves crawling outside
he craved a time from long, long time ago.
Those wispy memories of candle-lit nights.
Extinguished by the midnight breath
The clichés bloom like hickies
trees fall to no one’s ears
and everyone knows that they’re the freshman trees.



Exquisite Corpse-2009

(From the Second Annual Creativity an Arts Soiree)


who’s the leader of the club
last night I went to a pub
and on my way I stumbled across a baby cub
he purred with delight as I tickled his tummy
just like the spinach and artichoke dip I had at grandma’s
and with apple pie and roasted turkey for Christmas
we were full of food and cheer  for the duration,
the duration of the west paces ladies’ literature study group
sex is the fabric of our lives
now, that we’ve moved to the farm.
all the animals are now on queue
waiting their turn two by two
hoping to find their way to the loo
they found what looked like a giant kangaroo
leap by leap they cracked open the sky.
nothing comes to mind then I must sigh.
too much freedom.
not enough time
so eat, drink, and be merry!
today, I am at a soiree
I heard filtered chopin on a red, crushed, velvet, seat.
with my eyes closed, it was effortless to ride the waves of sound,
a four-lane highway could fold its grind anytime now.
sometimes the sky falls onto my head.
and I fall onto the pillows in my bed.
sweet sleep quickly comes to the head.
and offers no respite from dread
although to see the world as is
‘tis sometimes better to see the world through your own eyes
seeing with your own eyes if your eyes are cloudy can deceive you and others.
first make sure your vision is clear then we can tuly guide others.
sometimes seeing through the eyes of positiveness, can blind the eye of the negativeness, hence clearing your vision keeps you from being blinded by others.